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Tips to Save Money on Curtain Installation in Dubai

Adding curtains to your home or office can bring both style and practicality. Choosing suitable curtains lets you control the light entering your home and ensure it stays relaxed and comfortable during the warm summer months.

Moreover, curtains add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior decor. Many interior decor styles and designs can be tailored, modern, classic, or plain. In a city of lights that never sleeps, curtains provide a perfect haven. Before you start a curtain installation project in Dubai, it’s vital to have an understanding of the associated expenses. 

This guide will explore the factors that influence curtains installation cost in Dubai—by providing an overview of pricing, explaining the cost components, and offering some helpful tips to save on your curtain installation project.

Factors Affecting Curtain Installation Cost:

Factors influencing the cost of  curtain installation include: 

1. Type of Curtain: Curtains come in several colors, materials, and styles. It depends on whether you want budget-friendly options with plain materials. Or a costly need such as leather, pure wood, etc. For instance, standard, blackout, or custom-made.

2. Curtain Size: Curtain installation cost directly varies with the size of the area that requires covering. More oversized windows or doors require more fabric, which can increase the cost of materials.  In addition, the number of windows requiring fitting will affect the project’s overall cost. 

3. Fabric Quality: Premium fabrics will generally cost more than basic materials, affecting material and labor costs. You also pay higher fees for custom-shaped windows and motorized types.

4. Location and Access: the location of your area matters in terms of local rates. Rates for labor and materials vary from region to site. Moreover, the location and accessibility of your window requiring covering influences the cost. High ceilings or hard-to-reach points need additional labor costs. 

5. Installation Method: Some windows involve complexity of fittings. For example, hexagonal windows, eyebrow windows, or bow windows. Different installation methods are available. Including rod-mounted, track-mounted, or motorized systems, each with related costs.

Average Curtain Installation Costs in Dubai:

Curtain Installation starts from 59 AED in Dubai. Here’s an approximate idea of how much curtain installation costs in Dubai. Please note that the prices below are only indicative and may vary depending on various basis:

Standard Curtain Installation: The price can range from AED 200 to AED 500 per window for a basic installation with standard curtains.

Blackout Curtain Costs: Installing a blackout curtain may cost between AED 300 and AED 700 per window. Most commonly, people install blackout curtains to add more privacy to their homes as they may darken the room. 

Customized Curtains: The customized curtain installation cost ranges from AED 500 to AED 1500 per window. Depending on the design and quality of the curtains. If you choose a more expensive quality and custom design for your curtain, the installation cost will be directly influenced by more than the product cost itself.

Motorized or Automated Curtains: You can expect to pay between AED 1,000 and AED 3,000 per window for motorizing your curtains, including the motorized system. 

Average Curtain Installation Costs in Dubai

Cost Breakdown for Curtain Installation:

A clear understanding of the cost allocation is essential when planning a curtain installation in Dubai. Knowing the cost breakdown can help you make an informed choice. This breakdown allows you to allocate your budget better and make informed decisions. Here is a detailed cost breakdown of curtain installation:

  1. Materials: 

Materials form 60% of the total cost. It includes the curtains, rods, tracks, swags, backings, and other accessories. A detailed breakdown of the material comprises: 

  • Curtains: they are a considerable portion of the material cost. Factors influencing costs include fabric type, quality, design, and size of curtains. Customized curtains and premium quality are generally higher in price.
  • Curtain Tracks or Rods: the materials needed for mounting curtains include tracks or rods, brackets, and finials. They form a crucial part of pricing.
  • Other Accessories: accessories like decorative hardware, interior, tiebacks, and valances will add to the cost.
  1. Labor: 

The labor forms 40% of the total cost. It includes those costs incurred in measuring, fitting, and making adjustments. Following are the details for labor costs:

  • Measurement and Assessment: It is the initial assessment included in labor cost. Skilled labor measures windows to determine the curtain required. It includes measuring curtain dimensions and installation methods.
  • Customization: labor cost is affected when adjustments and customizations are required in the installation. Such as altering the curtain lengths and making specific fittings and fixtures.
  • Fittings: labor cost covers the installation and fitting process. Labor mounts the tracks, rods, and curtains and ensures correct and efficient fittings.

Tips for Saving on Curtain Installation:

An ideal strategy is needed to get the most out of your money. Here are some exciting steps for doing so.

  • Compare Quotes: Get quotes from curtain installation companies in Dubai to compare prices and services. 
  • Measurements: Take measurements of your windows or doors in such a way that it minimizes the measurement costs.
  • Choose Standard Fabrics: Standard fabrics are a good choice for a simple curtain; they have less detail, and the tailoring becomes more straightforward.
  • Consider Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency should always be taken into account. Consider investing in blackout or thermal curtains, which can effectively lower energy bills in the long run. 
  • Negotiate Fees: Don’t hesitate to negotiate install fees with a professional installer for a better deal. 
Tips for Saving on Curtain Installation

Methods for Curtain Installation in Dubai:

In Dubai, installation methods can vary depending on factors such as the type of fabric you have and what you want. Standard installation methods you can consider in Dubai are the following:

Standard curtain rods:

It is the most common way to hang curtains. You can buy standard curtain rods in Dubai’s home improvement stores. This bar is used on the wall above the window and roof. It is necessary to use the correct form of anchors and screws to fix the rod. 

Double fabric:

You can opt for a dual material, such as sheer and dark fabric, to make the fabric even. These allow you to hang two curtains in the same window. Creating a layered look is a popular way to increase privacy and lighting control. 

Curtain tracks:

Curtain tracks are an alternative to rods. They are mounted on ceilings or walls, allowing the curtains to open or close securely. A canvas is a good choice for long, heavy fabrics, as it provides good support and prevents sagging. 

Current rings and hooks: 

If you have rods or poles in your space, you can use curtain rings with hooks or hooks to hang your clothes. This method allows flexibility in the shape and texture of the fabric.

Curtain valances and pelmet boards: 

It is expected to use decorative valances or pelmet boards on curtains in Dubai. These can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to decorate your window treatment. 

Machine-made textiles:

Dubai is known for its beautiful scenery and high-tech living. You can choose mechanical curtains that are automated with our Mobile app. There are devices available for daily usage that can be controlled by intelligent mobile phones. Motorized curtains are primarily used in smart homes and offices. They can be attached with either a curtain track or rod.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the factors that affect the price of curtain installation? 

The cost of curtain fixing depends on various factors like the type of curtain, size of curtain, quality of curtain fabric, method of installation, area, and other additional features.

1. Type of Curtain

2. Curtain Size

3. Fabric Quality

4. Location and Access

5. Installation Method

How do you negotiate installation fees with professional installers? 

Negotiating installation fees with professional installers involves more preparation than with retailers. We suggest getting multiple quotes and discussing prices with them to see if one will offer a lower price. Be willing to compromise, and don’t forget to ask for any discounts. Follow the given steps for effective negotiation:

  • Get Multiple Quotes
  • Understand the Scope of Work
  • Ask for a Detailed Quote
  • Discuss Options and Alternatives
  • Negotiate the Labor Fee
  • Consider Timing
  • Bundle Services
  • Request a Price Match
  • Be Open to Compromise
  • Review the Contract Thoroughly
  • Secure a Written Agreement

What are the different methods of curtain installments available?

There are many methods for installment. Three main types of curtain installments are:

1. Rod Mounted: 

 A curtain rod is a long bar held by brackets. Depending on the type of window treatment installed, rods can be installed on the wall, ceiling, or window frame. 

2: Track Mounted:

 Curtains that move on a track can be opened from the center or pulled open to either the right or left side. They can also have a split draw, where both sides of the curtains can be opened to each end. This method is perfect for large spans of windows and sliding glass doors. 

3. Motories: 

Curtains are automated with our Mobile app. There are devices available for daily usage that can be controlled by intelligent mobile phones. Motorized curtains are primarily used in smart homes and offices. They can be attached with either a curtain track or rod. 

When choosing an option, consider the weight and type of installation, the aesthetics of your site, and your budget. Consulting a professional installer can help you make the best choice for your specific needs and preferences.

Do curtain installation prices come with labor and materials? 

Yes, curtain installation prices include labor and materials. Work includes measurements, fitting, and installation; materials include curtains, rods, etc. Understanding the factors that influence the cost of curtain installation and following cost-saving tips will enable you to plan your project effectively, ensuring you get the look you desire within your budget. Whether you choose standard curtains or premium custom-made designs, knowing which elements cost the most will help you make informed decisions for your curtain installation project in Dubai.

  1. Materials: 

Materials form 60% of the total cost. It includes the curtains, rods, tracks, swags, backings, and other accessories. 

  1. Labor: 

The labor forms 40% of the total cost. It includes those costs incurred in measuring, fitting, and making adjustments.

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