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    At quality blinds, we offer quality made curtains. We know that every living space is different and you deserve the best. So, we ensure that you only pay for the things that are important. We encourage you to buy curtains in Dubai from us. In addition, our curtains are especially designed to be as simple and stylish as possible. Our designers can tailor curtains that adheres to your individual preferences. We are committed to help our customers creating the appealing yet functional rooms.

    With many years of experience, we’ve helped many commercial and residential clients create the ideal spaces. So, you don’t need to stress yourself about renting a tradesman to do it for you. Just spare a few minutes and hire our professionals!
    We’re always here to assist you with fitting guides, comprehensive measuring and getting curtains. No matter what kind of new window furnishings you want, get aesthetic curtains from us. Apart from that, we offer All types of curtains in Dubai.

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    What Does it Cost to Buy Curtains?

    Curtain prices can vary by many factors. But some of them include the following:
    Window Size
    The number and size of windows you want to use can impact the curtain’s costs. Furthermore, you should also consider how you wish to furnish the living space windows. No worries! You can not only buy affordable curtains from us but also get guidance about cutting the perfect-length curtains.
    On top of that, curtains come in various styles. Traditional curtains with stitching or pleating are more expensive than simple-styled and unstructured ones.
    Designers create curtains using several materials that can significantly influence the costs. So, semi-opaque or sheer fabrics are more cost-effective than block-out fabrics. Want to get a pleasing curtain texture cheap curtains in Dubai? Contact us now!

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    Key Features Of Our Curtains In Dubai

    Quality Blinds sells high-quality curtains at affordable market rates. Check out the key features of our Curtains Dubai in the following.

    The Proper Fullness

    We sell curtains that have the right volume. The single width is over 50 inches when we span out. Also, a relaxed faux shade is layered under the curtains.

    The Header

    There is a small pocket on the curtain top that a rod can easily slide through. Some curtain headers are pleated. Buy curtains from us as they work amazingly with the pleater tape.

    The Right Length

    Ensure to purchase curtains a few inches longer and create extra fabric on the floor called “Puddle.” We can help you here by selling the right length curtains.

    A Good Window Frame

    Curtains frame your space window, not just cover it. Purchase the best-quality curtains from our shop to improve the overall aesthetics of your home’s windows.

    Deep, Large Pleats

    We understand the crucial importance of pleats in providing curtains with a more beautiful look. Want to purchase fabric with deep, large pleats? Contact us.

    Floating Bottom Hem

    We sell curtains with a floating bottom hem. Hemming will prevent your curtain from drooping on the floor surface. Curtain hemming will fit your space windows properly.

    Get Fitting-Made And Stylish Curtains From Us!

    Quality Curtains

    You can get quality curtains tailored to your needs at Quality Blinds. It’’s not just about selling quality curtains to clients. But it also relates to creating a fantastic orchestra of textures, colors, and fabrics. Furthermore, all our curtain fabric has pleasant designs.
    You can browse through our hundreds of curtain samples on our website. It’ll assist you in finding the perfect fit fabric for your space windows. From blackout curtains to awesome sheet curtains, we ensure to provide something that adheres to your taste.

    • Craftsmanship Excellence
    • Premium Materials
    • Aesthetic Mastery
    • Functional Brilliance

    Perfect For Your Space

    We are professionals in selling custom-made and trendy curtains to our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add sheer or blackout curtains to your home. We have a range of curtains available at our shop in Dubai.
    So, buy curtains from us that best contemplate your sense of style. Don’t be reluctant to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly sales team by phone or a call. Not only this but also you can take fitting and measurement guidance from us.

    • Seamless Process
    • Skilled Professionals
    • Prompt Arrival
    • Efficient Execution

    Why You Should Buy Curtains From Us?

    Looking for quality curtain fabrics? Don’t feel reluctant to approach our Dubai curtains shop! There are several reasons to choose our services. However, some include:

    • Trusted market-competitive curtain brands
    • Exceptional-quality curtains designed to withstand every climate
    • On-trend and most stylish fabric, consistently being updated
    • Coordinating luxury curtains Dubai ranges
    • Customized curtains to save you money
    • Tailor your curtains as per your needs

    You Need to Follow Three Steps to Make Our Purchases

    Above all, you can now buy online curtains in Dubai from our shop. All you need is to follow three steps as given below:

    Request Free Samples

    When you find a curtain you love, just hit the button with the name ‘Order free sample.’ Your fabric sample will be automatically added to the cart. Moreover, you can continue your shopping until you’re satisfied. You must register on our site to get the best curtains in Dubai.

    You Will Recieve Your Samples

    We will dispatch your curtain sample as soon as possible. Aside from this, we won’t take too long to deliver your samples. So, no need to worry about delivery time. Your curtain fabric samples are in safe hands. Meanwhile, you can look at our other products.

    Buy Your Product

    When you’ve received the curtain samples and they’ve met your expectations, it’s time to visit our website and log in to it. Now, purchase our quality and cheap curtains in Dubai.

    Get Your Dreamy Curtains From Us At Affordable And Market-Competitive Rates!


    Does a curtain last for a long time?

    If you buy quality curtains, they will last for many years when taken care of properly. Since the curtains are exposed to sunlight, they can fade with time. So, if you want to keep your curtains stylish for 5 to 10 years, it is best to perform regular dusting.

    How often should I clean my curtains?

    Curtains naturally absorb odors and attract dust with the passage of time. Therefore, cleaning your space curtains every three to six months is advisable. Having the window curtains well-cleaned will make your home look clean and fresh.

    How do I know if my curtains need to be lined?

    If your curtains are not made up of heavy and thick material. Then, there are more chances that more light will pierce into the fabric. However, if you’re hanging curtains in the bedroom windows for more privacy, it means your curtains need to be lined.

    What is the difference between curtains and drapes?

    Unlike most curtains, drapes are usually of heavy fabrics. Some common drapery fabrics are silk, damask, or velvet. In comparison, curtains give your space a more relaxing feel. However, drapes are seen as more luxurious and formal.

    What would the cost of curtains be?

    The cost of curtains in Dubai depends on the fabric and design used. On the contrary, customized curtains can cost even more. So, the readymade curtains can cost from AED 99 to AED 149.

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