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How Much Does Carpet Installation Cost in Dubai

Want to embellish your living space floor with astonishing carpets? You must know How much does carpet installation cost in Dubai to accomplish your plan brilliantly. The two main factors that can significantly affect the carpet installation cost in Dubai are the installation’s size and the carpet’s quality. In this blog post, we will discover the average cost of installing a carpet in residential and commercial places. We will explore the factors that can affect the carpet installation cost and the tips to save money and time when installing carpets with the help of experts.

Average Carpet Installation Costs Per Square Foot in Dubai

Below is the table showing the roughly estimated value of installing a carpet in Dubai. 

Service (per square foot)Estimated Installation Cost
Affordable Carpet Installation2.50 AED – 3.60 AED
Bottom Padding2 AED to 3 AED
Average Carpet Installation9 AED – 20 AED
High-End Carpet Installation45 AED – 55 AED

Residential and Commercial Carpet Installation Costs:

The carpet installation cost in Dubai can vary depending on residential and commercial zones. Since commercial projects come with more desires, requirements, and complexities, installers demand high prices for installing carpets at commercial places. 

Is It Beneficial to Install a Carpet?

Whether you consider residential or commercial carpet installation in Dubai, you must understand that carpet can significantly increase your space’s ambiance. Everybody wants to live and work in a beautiful area and set the room according to his taste. 

First, floors covered with beautiful carpet show your choice and living style. Second, it provides the place’s inhabitants with a comfortable environment since it can efficiently retain the warm air and keep rooms toasted in winter. If you consider it for a kids’ room, it will be a great choice because an open room with a colorful carpet can give your children a free space to play and explore new things.

Similarly, when it comes to commercial places, carpets play a significant role. If you plan to modify your office’s looks, consider installing a carpet in your working space. A bright color will freshen up the minds of your employees and generate positive energy in them to work with more creativity. 

Choose the Carpet with Beautiful Patterns to Enjoy Your Working Hours with the Help of Professional Carpet Installers!

What is the Carpet Installation Process?

1. Select a Suitable Carpet for Your Space.

Suitable Carpet for Your Space

2. Remove Existing Carpet, if Any.

Remove Existing Carpet, if Any

3. Clean the Floor Properly.

Clean the Floor Properly

4. Fix the Bottom Pad.

Fix the Bottom Pad.

5. Set the New Carpet Over the Bottom Pad.

Set the New Carpet Over the Bottom Pad

6. Match the Seams of the Carpet. 

Match the Seams of the Carpet

7. Stretch and Attach the Carpet.  

Stretch and Attach the Carpet

Factors Influencing Carpet Installation Costs

The following factors can significantly affect the carpet installation cost in Dubai. 

  • Floor Condition:

The floor condition is the first factor that can add and subtract expenses to carpet installation costs. For instance, if the floor is plain and well-prepared for carpeting, there will be no need of cost for polishing, cleaning, etc. However, if the bottom of your room is rough or uncleaned, you must invest some money and time in floor preparation. 

  • Type of Bottom Pad:

Not only the carpet material you choose can affect its installation cost, but the quality of the bottom pad can also affect the carpet installation expense. Some pads are available at a cost-effective rate; however, some are too expensive. For drawing rooms, cheaper pads are good because this room is often used less. On the other hand, costly carpets are better for the living room or other places where you spend most of your time. 

  • Size and Shape of Room 

The standard shape of a room is a rectangle or square, and the cost of installing a carpet in a box-shaped room is less than irregular ones. If your room is unique in shape, the carpet installer will demand a high cost for its coverage. Similarly, the room size affects the price of carpet installation in Dubai. 

  • Carpeting Stairs

Installing a carpet on stairs requires many sharp cuttings for smooth edges. Due to high installation complexity, installers need more time and increase their stair carpeting rates. 

DIY or Hire a Professional for Floor Carpeting?

It seems easy to install a carpet, but it involves many critical points only professionals can handle. Therefore, it is better to engage an expert carpet installer to see the successful results of your plans. Get a quote from multiple carpet installation service providers and choose the one that provides the most reliable services. 

How Can I Save Money on Carpet Installation in Dubai?

If you want to save money on carpet installation, consider the following points and practice them to get significant outcomes!

  • Contact multiple installers to request a quote and choose the one with the best prices and high-quality installation services. 
  • Buy carpet yourself and prefer a manufacturer or a showroom to get carpet at reasonable rates. 
  • If you are an expert and know all tactics, DIY and save time and money. 
  • Suppose you can cover your floor with carpet in remnants; go for them. Their cost is significantly lower than the big and complete carpet rolls. 
  • Identify the off-season of buying carpet in your city and invest money in this season to spend smartly. 
  • You can also use simple carpet designs since complex patterns are expensive. 
  • If it is unnecessary, avoid covering the floor of high-traffic rooms with carpet as they require excellent quality and expensive material. 
  • For long-term healthy investment, close deals with the installers providing a warranty so you can get free maintenance services afterward. 


Carpets play an important role in a space’s ambiance and comfortability, whether you consider it for a residential or commercial place. The big question that hits the mind when considering installing a carpet in a room is: How much does carpet installation cost in Dubai? Dubai’s average carpet installation cost ranges between 9 AED to 20 AED. It is a roughly estimated cost, and the exact figure can vary depending on the room’s size, shape, and condition. If you want to install a carpet in an area, get assistance from professional installers! They can meet your expectations in a better way. Lastly, try to save money and time by practicing the beneficial tips given in the upper portion! 


What factors influence the cost of carpet installation in Dubai?

The following factors can influence the cost of carpet installation in Dubai:

  • Size of room
  • Shape of Room
  • Carpet Design 
  • Carpet Material 
  • Bottom Pad Material 
  • Installation Season 

Are different types of carpets available in Dubai, and do they have varying installation costs?

Yes, multiple options of carpets are available in Dubai. Some are simple, and some are loaded with intricate designs. Similarly, some carpets are available in good materials while others are of lower quality. Installers demand low installation costs for simple and low-quality carpets and high fees for installing high-quality, costly carpets with complex patterns. 

How do room size and layout impact carpet installation costs?

If the room is small or standard with a simple layout, carpet installation costs will be low. On the other hand, if the area is big with unique corners or other additions like pillars, the carpet installation cost will be higher. 

What is the average range of carpet installation costs in Dubai?

The average cost of installing a carpet in Dubai is 9 AED to 20 AED per square foot. 

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