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How To Find Best Home Curtains in Dubai

When dressing the living space windows, curtains are the crucial design element. They add character and style to the room. Aside from this, curtains provide light control, privacy, insulation, and soundproofing. They can help create an inviting atmosphere.

Curtains are available in many designs, styles, and materials. Therefore, you can easily find a perfect match for your living space.

Are you wondering “How to find best home curtains in Dubai?” You will find more valuables by reading this comprehensive guideline. So, without delay, let’s get started. 

Tips to Choose the Best Home Curtains in Dubai

No matter if you own a beautiful home in Dubai. You can make it more attractive by installing curtains. When choosing curtains for your living space, it is advisable to buy the ones that suit your requirements. Here are some tips to find the best home curtains:

Take Accurate Measurements

It’s not rocket science to select the best curtain fabric for your home. Taking accurate measurements plays a critical role here. For this reason, before estimating the width and length of the window, it is imperative to consider the window frame as well.

Now comes the measurement stage. So, you need to take out the tape for that purpose. Start measuring from top to bottom. And then, add 2 to 3 inches to the curtain length.

But for width, you must add 4 to 8 inches on both sides. If there is a low ceiling in your bedroom. Then, it will be a worthwhile decision to purchase floor-to-ceiling curtains. Moreover, there is an exception here. If you want to make your curtain fabric last longer. Then, the short-length curtain fabrics will best work for your home window in this case.

Focus on Captivating Colors

When you’re choosing the curtain fabric, it is better to select the right color. You can go for the color that easily blends with the overall decoration of your living space. In short, you should invest your money in purchasing the curtain material that best pops up. You can go for the color that matches the walls of your room. So, if you want to accentuate the color scheme in your living space with contracting curtains. Then, it is recommended to go for vibrant shades of green, pink, blue, red, and many more.

On top of that, you can also opt for non-subtle colors for your living space. For example, if there is a brown-colored rug in your kitchen or bedroom, choose the brown curtains.

Do you want to liven up space? You can embellish your living space with colorful curtain fabrics. You can even introduce smile-inducing bright colors, such as yellow and orange.

Follow the Appropriate Theme

One of the other tips for finding the best home curtains in Dubai is to follow the appropriate theme. For instance, you should buy curtains that match your home’s theme. We’ve seen many people adorning their rooms with curtains that look the same.

Don’t make this mistake. If your living space has a boho-chic style theme, it is ideal to buy curtains with eclectic patterns. But, if you’ve made the minimalist home decoration, we advise you to invest in purchasing bolder curtains. 

So, when choosing a curtain fabric, you must consider the function of the space you buy it for. Avoid heavy curtain fabric for bathrooms and choose elegant ones for bedrooms.

In short, you need to be innovative with your ideas. And purchase curtains that go naturally with the theme and style of the home. Moreover, if the room of your kids is artistic type. Then, it is best to invest your money in buying neutral palette curtains.

Follow the Appropriate Theme

Look For Long-Lasting Curtain Fabrics

Most curtain fabrics are susceptible to sun rot. However, some high-quality curtains don’t deteriorate quickly and are more long-lasting than others. For this reason, you must ensure to purchase the curtain fabric on the basis of the material’s sturdiness.

Fabrics like velvet and linen are more durable in the sunny living space. Aside from this, faux linen is more vulnerable to sun damage. You can also purchase curtains with some sort of insulating material. Believe us, it works amazingly if done more appropriately.

If you’re thinking of buying curtains for a casual setting. Then, billowy linen and crinkly velvet are the most suitable options. In comparison, velvet or heavy silk would work best for a formal space. When buying curtains, you must also consider if the fabric is machine-friendly or not. Also, you need to determine which material is perfect for you.

Pay Attention to the Patterns and Prints

Above all, patterned curtains are the best option for rooms with solid-color bedding or furniture. If there is the same hue all over the space. Then, you should go for the patterned curtain fabric. Blackout curtains are ideal to reduce undesired street noises.

Blackout curtains are made up of heavy polyester. And it provides a higher level of insulation from unnecessary noise pollution and excessive light.

Choosing curtains with neutral prints will enhance the beauty of your cookie-cutter living space. Additionally, it will also be perfect to go for rosy, floral, and leaf-printed curtains.

Key Takeaways

Window curtains are a crucial part of interior design. Furthermore, they are of significant importance in increasing the aesthetic appeal of your living space. From minimalist designs to elegant silk fabrics, three are curtains to fit every budget and taste. Whether you want to buy roller or sheer curtains, considering the above tips can be very helpful.


How can you find the best curtains?

Fabric is the crucial part of choosing home curtains. However, it is advisable to pay attention to the curtain material you are up to purchase. The material dictates how long the curtains will last and how well they function to enhance the living space’s beauty.

What are the best quality curtains?

Cotton is the best choice when buying curtains for your living space. Besides, this fabric is available in different colors, patterns, and weights. Not only this but also this fabric is easy to sew and washable. This means you can use it in a number of ways.

What is the most pricey curtain material?

Silk is the most expensive curtain fabric in the market. Not only are silk curtains luxurious, but they are also thinner than various other materials. In addition, line silk curtains offer the perfect light insulation and can give a gorgeous glossy appearance.

Which kind of curtains should I purchase?

If you have bedding or patterned furniture, solid curtains are the best option. But pattern curtains are the smart choice if you’ve solid-color furniture. If you want a subtle hit of energy and style. Then, small and neutral-colored curtains are perfect to purchase.

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