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How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling

In old times, people used curtains to cover windows. Today, you have a modified option of Blinds. The innovative product enables you to adjust the light according to your choice. So, if you will change the glimpse of your house, you must shift to modern ways to cover your windows. It allows drilling-less blind hanging if you do not want to change your home permanently. 

But how to install window blinds without drilling? It is the main topic of this blog post. Move with the flow of this article to explore different drilling-less blinds hanging methods!

Methods To Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes

Are you ready to explore the four easy methods to install window blinds without drilling? If Yes, let’s start from here! 

  • Go For Magnetic Blinds

You can choose magnetic blinds if you do not want to leave a permanent mark on your walls due to drilling. At the backside of the magnetic blinds are transparent magnet brackets that stick to the metal frame of your windows. If your doors and window frames are made of metal, you just go for it without delaying one more second. 

Furthermore, there is no technical logic behind hanging magnetic window blinds. They only need metal rods to attach with. If you are worried about the weight, you must release your tension now. Manufacturers use solid and reliable magnets in magnetic blinds. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the weight of blinds. 

Besides these, two magnets are attached with magnetic blinds, one inside and another outside. When you bring two blind slates nearer, the two magnets attached with panes allow tilting, lowering, and lifting of the blind slats. Whether you set the magnetic slider on the left or the right side of the window edges, it will move the blind slates uniformly. 

Choose Magnetic Blinds to Avoid Hanging Without Screws and Drilling! 

  • Use Tension Rods

Suppose you need something other than magnetic blinds; you can go for blinds with in-built tension rods. Do not worry because the rods will not affect the natural look of your blind. They are fixed seamlessly.

Furthermore, when it comes to weight, rods can carry more load than any other material. Similarly, time cannot impact the performance of rods. So, set the rods in the window frame for installation to hold the blinds perfectly. 

Additionally, drilling will not be needed; only set the roads appropriately. The only thing you must consider while installing tension rod blinds is fixing the size of the rods according to the size of the window frame. 

  • Choose Command Hooks

Command hooks are also an excellent option to hang blinds without drilling. They contain sticky command strips, and you can stick them to the window frame or the wall. Command strips are used to mount the blinds as per your needs. Additionally, they can withstand the weight of 15 pounds

How to install command hooks blinds? Place the command hooks on each side and the center of the window. These hooks will give support to your window blind. Then, make a loop using a needle and joining strips on the backside of the blinds. Next, install hooks perfectly, make loops and hang your window blind. 

  • Self-Adhesive Blinds

One of the most convenient options for the drilling-less blind is a self-adhesive blind. In this type, professionals set a bracket coated with powerful adhesive on the upper side of the blinds. The adhesive is further sealed with a protective strip.

It is the only type of blind that even you can install perfectly. You only need to uncover and stick the adhesive strip to the door or window frame. Remember to press the strip forcefully so it does not get unattached from the frame later. 

What Are No-Drill Blinds?

Many people get in trouble when drilling a hole for brackets and hanging traditional blinds. Moreover, it is a technical, time-consuming, and challenging task requiring expertise. Today, people have shifted to No-Drill Blinds; they do not require drilling and holing and are easier to install than traditional blinds. The manufacturer introduced it for people who dislike using screws to cover their windows and doors. In simple words, No-drill blinds promote stress-free window covering using drill-free blinds. 

Advantages of No-Drill Blinds

  • First, they are easy to install. 
  • Second, they facilitate us with convenience. 
  • You can choose different colors and patterns according to your taste. 
  • No-drill blind is the best option for short-term renters and hostel students. 
  • Furthermore, they can last at least 5 years. 

Disadvantages of No-Drill Blinds

  • Non-drill blinds are less durable since they are made up of light fabric. 
  • Due to light material, they are also less stable than traditional curtains. 
  • Furthermore, they come as pre-designed blinds and mainly do not allow offer customization. 
  • Installing no-drill blinds requires expertise because a new person cannot fix minor and significant issues. 
  • They cannot last very long and sometimes cannot bear the bad weather conditions. 

Things to Consider When Installing No-drill Blinds for Windows.

Whenever you choose a drill-free blind to cover your windows or doors, consider the following factors and do installation accordingly. 

  • Buy the Suitable Tyep of No-Drill Blinds

Constantly scan your needs and requirements when choosing no-drill blinds since they come in different styles, designs, patterns, and colors. One must consider the following factors when installing No-drill blinds at his place.
Understand how much privacy you need.

  • Consider weather conditions before installing blinds. 
  • Take window or door frame measurements precisely.
  • Get assistance from a professional installer. 

What is Better: DIY or Hire a Professional for Blind Installation

People like installing no-drill blinds themselves, but sometimes, they can cause issues and even waste your money if you do not install them properly. Like whatever you do, you always do it with expertise and skills. So, it is better to hire a professional and experienced blind installer, such as Quality Blinds, to get the perfect results. They will have all the equipment and tools to install window blinds without drilling. Furthermore, reputable companies offer warranties that you can use whenever you experience any issue with your blinds. So, for high-quality and stable installations, hiring an expert installer is a perfect choice for everyone. 

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Bottom Line

Time has gone by when people used traditional blinds for their window and door frames. Now, No-drill blinds are available in the market; you can cover your windows without leaving a mark on the walls. Although they are easy to install, one must know the reliable methods to install window blinds without drilling. The installation of no-drill blinds depends on their types, including Magnetic Blinds, Blinds with Tension Rods, Blinds with Command Hooks, and Self-Adhesive Blinds. Whatever type of no-drill blind you choose, you must consider some factors such as privacy, atmospheric conditions, and your needs and requirements before installing a blind at your place. 

Furthermore, it is also beneficial to hire professionals to install no-drill blinds. They can equip you with extraordinary expertise, stable set-up, warranty, and maintenance services. So, choose the best no-drill blind installer and efficiently cover your window and door frames. 


Can blinds be installed without drilling?

Yes, No-drill blinds do not need drilling; you can install them without drilling and leaving a mark on your walls. 

How do you install blinds on a metal door without drilling?

Magnetic blinds are a good option if your windows or doors have metal frames. It would not require drilling; they will stick to each other by joining positive and negative poles. 

Can Gorilla Glue hold up blinds?

A big No: Gorilla Glue cannot hold up blinds, especially in regular use.

How Can I Cover a Window Without Drilling Holes?

You can cover windows without drilling using the following types of no-drill blinds: 

  • Magnetic Blinds
  • Self-Adhesive Blinds
  • Blinds with Tension Rods
  • Blinds with Command Hooks

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