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Wooden Blinds

Interior design trends change all the time, but Wooden Blinds never go out of style. They’ve been popular for ages since they can mix with practically any décor, from classic to rural to modern, and they’re useful for light control and privacy. Furthermore, wood blinds offer a sense of warmth and coziness to a room. There are a few things you should know about Wooden Blinds before making your decision. To begin, unlike real Wooden Blinds made from hardwoods such as basswood, oak, or cherry, Faux Wooden Blinds are made completely of polystyrene. Consider the environment you live in, the room you’re dealing with, and your particular taste when deciding between real wood blinds and Faux Wooden Blinds. In Dubai’s blistering heat, most people opt to install Faux Wooden Blinds.

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What are Wooden Blinds?

Wooden Blinds are an excellent choice for spaces with little architectural character. Unlike fabric shades, Wooden Blinds appear more “constructed,” becoming a part of the home’s architecture – much like furniture or cabinets. The richness of the wood may provide texture and character to rooms where there is little other wood. And, at the window, they provide incredible flexibility: they can be raised and lowered to modify the view and light level in the room, and the louvres may be opened and closed to further control the light level and privacy. At Quality Blinds Dubai Wooden Blinds are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and vane sizes to complement any décor. Since wood has its own unique natural color and stains, you might be wondering who would want to purchase colored wooden blinds. In Dubai, white wooden blinds, black wooden blinds and brown wooden blinds are the most popular choices.

However, not all windows are suitable for Wooden Blinds in Dubai. Window Wooden blinds are notoriously hefty. They can be difficult to raise and lower when fitted on a large window, and the force on the inner cables might lead them to fail prematurely. Here comes our experts at Quality Blinds Dubai who will not let you down in deciding what’s best wooden blinds for windows.

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Real Wooden Blinds vs Faux Wooden Blinds?
Real Wooden Blinds

Natural hardwood is used to make real wooden blinds. These Wooden Blinds are made of 100% genuine wood are more expensive than others because, like excellent furniture, they have an inherent fine grain and a distinct character. With so many beautiful coatings and colors to select from, you may match genuine wooden blinds to your inside window frames and arches, giving them the appearance of being a part of the room’s architecture. You may also personalize your blinds by choosing from a variety of coatings, panel sizes, enhancements, ornamental tapes, and canopies.

Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux wood blinds are the way to go if you live in a humid area or want wooden blinds for spaces like kitchens or bathrooms because they are made to tolerate muggy weather. With realistic grain patterns and finishes, faux wooden blinds give the opulent appearance of genuine wooden blinds. Since faux wood blinds are heavier than real wooden blinds, they require extra support. They come in a wide range of colors and are warranted to never fade, yellow, warp, or bend even being exposed to harsh weather conditions and intense sunlight. And best of all, only eco-friendly materials like polystyrene are used in their construction.

Why Real Wooden Blinds are best for you?

Real wood blinds are good at insulating your house and protecting your furniture from direct sunshine, which makes them perfect for living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms—instead of Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms that have high humidity levels.

Why Faux Wooden Blinds are best for you?

The price of faux wooden blinds is lower, and they are simple to maintain: Since wetness won’t harm the panels, gently clean them with a wet towel.

Is a Venetian Wooden Blind the same as a Wooden Blind?

Yes, Venetian wooden blinds have horizontal wooden slats that are supported by ropes that may be used to tilt, raise, and lower the blinds. Instead of cords, Venetian blinds were first tied together by strips of fabric. The slats narrowed with time and were also composed of different materials like wood or aluminum. The most recent selection of Venetian wooden blinds in a range of colors is available at Quality Blinds Dubai. Vertical wooden blinds are simply made by vertically inserting slats.

Is Bamboo Blind worth buying in Dubai in 2022?

Due to its versatility in terms of styling and endurance, In Dubai bamboo blinds are growing in popularity among producers and designers. It gives any interior design a distinctive style and tone. When utilized as window treatments, bamboo has a special influence that has never been seen before on the style and color scheme of a space. Bamboo has long been a prominent feature in Asian art and décor. Bamboo blinds provide many of interesting design advantages. They make practically any room’s décor more elegant. Bamboo Blinds are dependable due to their longevity because they require minimal to no upkeep to provide the same tasks as a standard blind. Because wood naturally absorbs heat, they are also often used as outdoor wooden blinds for balconies. ان شاء الله Quality Blinds Dubai guarantees to give you with the best wooden blinds in Dubai at the affordable pricing.

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Pros & Cons of Real Wooden Blinds
  • Emits the deep warmth of genuine wood
  • More lightweight
  • Increased ladder distance
  • It should not be utilized in humid conditions.
Pros & Cons of Faux Wooden Blinds
  • Sturdy but has the appearance of real wooden blinds
  • Advantageous in hot, humid environments
  • Less heavier than actual wood blinds
  • More ladder distance is needed than with real wooden blinds.
Where to buy Best Wooden Blinds in Dubai?

Every Wooden Blind is custom-made to your specifications. So, whether it’s a glass-filled metropolitan flat or a quirky period home, we offer professionally made solutions that exactly represent your taste. And our experts at Quality Blinds Dubai will provide you with unrivalled service.

Finding the proper consultant and installation for your Wooden Blinds is critical. Quality Blinds Dubai has assisted residents all across Dubai in protecting and beautifying their houses. Contact Us Today to find out more about Wooden blinds and to get a free quotation for your house.

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